Me, with my two elderly hiking shepherds (Charlie and Wolf).

Me, with my two elderly hiking shepherds (Charlie and Wolf). They were my hiking buddies every day, starting the day they were sprung from the Elmsford shelter, until they passed away.

Hi!  My name is Suzy Allman, and a few years ago I moved to Tarrytown, New York, to a house sitting right between two popular, but still underutilized, bike paths: the North and South County Trailways, and the Old Croton Aqueduct.

Not long after moving here, I started to explore those paths, and others like them in this area.  By now, I love them.  I like to slip away, spur-of-the-moment-like when I have a little free time.  I like seeing the seasons change up close: the Queen Anne’s lace waving like fans from under a guard rail, the smell of ripening wild grapes, the last wet leaves surrendering to winter.

Tarrytown is lucky.  We have all these bike paths, but on top of that, there’s the town itself: fun and funky, small enough to walk in a day, and a happy, diverse, energetic, entrepreneurial vibe that just fits with outdoor recreation and weekend escape.  Throw into that the fact that the new bridge across the Tappan Zee will also include a shared-use path, making the new bridge the only river crossing within 25 miles of the George Washington Bridge out of New York City.

So I started this website to provide as much information as I can about the many, many bikeways and hikeways that leave from Tarrytown, and also to set you up for a great day or weekend in our little town by the side of the Hudson River.  There are maps on this site to help you (and if you don’t have either Google Maps or OpenStreetMaps on your smartphone, I hightly recommend!).

About me: I’ve worked (still do!) as a professional sports and outdoor photographer, mostly for the New York Times’ sports and dining sections, but also for Vogue, Wall Street Journal, Golf Digest and Golf World, Time magazine and other national publications. I also write and photograph the content for, an outdoor lover’s guide to New York State’s second-largest state park.  I am a huge rescue-dog enthusiast!  Have an old rescue dog out for a walk?  I’ll try not to lunge at him!