Eat Tarrytown: Our Local Delicacies

“It was a brewing breakthrough: a fantastic coffee with an enticing undertone of rum, and of rye on the sly, served either cold-brewed or in a pour-over presentation at the store”


The New York Times

Tacos (any type) at Taco Project on Main Street:

Fast-casual in all its full purpose at the Taco Project, where you can sit at a window counter and keep an eye on your bike while eating delicate, well-smoked chicken tacos.  Superb, inexpensive.

  • Also recommeded: the sangria, any of the creative taco specials
  • Bike-Friendly? Not a bike rack nearby but you can keep an eye on things from the huge windows out onto the sidewalk.  Four small tables with chairs on the sidewalk for outdoor eating.  Bathroom.
  • Price: $3.00 for chips and salsa, up to     for      .

Lubin (or chicken) at Lubins ‘n’ Links on Main Street:

What’s a lubin?  It’s the Tarrytown original: slow-roasted sliced beef on a hotdog bun, with a million different toppings (even fig jam!).  The one pictured is the Spicy Buffalo, with wing sauce, lettuce, tomato and pickle.

  • Also recommended: If you’re not a red-meat eater, all choices are also avaialbe with grilled chicken as a hotdog substitute. There are so many different combinations; let your taste decide.
  • Bike-Friendly? Yes!  Wheel the bike around back to the charming little fenced-in patio.  They’ll bring your food out to you.  Picnic tables and umbrellas.
  • Price: Really cheap.  Most items are under $5.00.   .

Coffee with mochi at Coffee Labs Roasters on Main Street:

Coffee Labs does it all, and now they’re doing even more of it, from partnering with Peekskill Brewery to make the “Wake Up Call” coffee stout, to developing their own mochi ice cream.

  • Also recommended: The pastries are decent.
  • Bike-Friendly? No bike rack outside.
  • Price: Coffee house with a range of prices, from .

Pie at Muddy Water on Main Street

A relative newcomer to the coffee house scene in Tarrytown, the Muddy carries the Cadillac of hand-made pies, Pie Lady and Son’s apple crumb.  May they always have it available.  As Special Agent Dale Cooper would say, “This must be where pies go when they die.”

  • Also recommended: The pastries are decent.
  • Bike-Friendly? 
  • Price: Coffee house with a range of prices, from .