Trail & Town

From Pelham to Millerton, NY: The Big One!

Use the bike paths, trails and the Metro-North to ride from City Island to Millerton, New York -- almost all of it off-road cycling. I love the off-road trailways, and how you can connect them to make an easy afternoon ride into something more.  This one's the "more"....

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For the Hybrid: Cross the Bridge to the Nyack Trails

When the new Tappan Zee Bridge opens in 2018, you'll at last be able to cross the Hudson by bike in Westchester.  And access a whole 'nuther range of trails. One day in late 2018, the new Tappan Zee Bridge, from Tarrytown to Nyack, New York, will open its new...

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Finding Tarrytown from the North County Trailway

There are no signs to tell you where you can leave the North County Trailway and ride along Tarrytown's lakes, right down into Main Street.  Here's how it's done.         The town of Yorktown Heights, at the upper reaches of the North County...

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