Bike Across the Hudson on the New Shared-Used Path (Coming 2018)

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Michael L.

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When the shared-use pathway on the new Tappan Zee Bridge opens in 2018, it will offer a world of route opportunities for cyclists into Westchester and Rockland, and out of New York City, transforming recreational tourism in the area.

This is gonna be GREAT!

What will the new pathway mean for cyclists?  Consider what Bike Snob wrote about the change coming to the New York recreation landscape:

“Meanwhile, on the eastern side of the Hudson, you’ve got lots of transit…There are lots of nice towns with cafés, brewpubs, and direct rail connections to Manhattan.  You’ve also got various paved and unpaved paths and trails along the route indicated in yellow.  So the city dweller could do a four-hour dirt ride from his or her apartment, recover at a brewery, and then take a train home.

“Once they open that new bridge, the cyclists of New York City will be able to mix the red and the yellow together without going all the way up to the Bear Mountain Bridge.  The effect will be synergistic, like mixing stimulants and depressants.  Fred rides, dirt rides, “multimodal” rides, whatever rides…instead of color-coded routes it will be like someone dumped a bag of Skittles over the whole area:

“This will make local cycling much more interesting.  Not only that, it will make the region north of the city much more interesting.  It will give the locals more to do, and it will be great for business.”  (March 21, 2016)

So, consider the choices you’ll have with the new route:

  • Cross the George Washington Bridge in New York, cross the Tappan Zee Bridge at Nyack/Hudson,then return to New York via train; or;
  • Take the Metro-North to Tarrytown with your bike and cross the Hudson to Nyack, then back; or
  • Ride the South County Trailway north to Tarrytown, then ride along the Tarrytown Lakes into town, cross the river, then return via the South County Trailway, the Old Croton Aqueduct (to any of the Rivertown train stations), or
Here's what's going into the shared-use path on the new Tappan Zee Bridge. Lots of places to stop and watch the boats, the sun set (or rise), the Palisades, the beauty of the Hudson River.

Here’s what’s going into the shared-use path on the new Tappan Zee Bridge. Lots of places to stop and watch the boats, the sun set (or rise), the Palisades, the beauty of the Hudson River.

Another reason to be excited: The pathway, besides being a great connector, will be an attraction in itself. Six themed viewpoints — “belvederes” (I love that word) — will offer a place to view the beauty of the Hudson River at its widest point, the Tappan Zee.  The westbound bridge, facing north to the Palisades and the Hudson Highlands, will incorporate six 12- x 60-foot structures cantilevered from the north face of the girders. These “rest areas” along the pathway will highlight the historic, environmental and artistic significance of the area with interpretive signage and sculpture.  I can’t wait to see this part.

Each belvedere includes a unique artistic bench and shade structure. The belvedere themed “Fish and Ships” is inspired by the fishing and boat building industries. The fishtail shade structure hovers over a cluster of benches that are inspired by a school of fish. — From the TWLA Landscape Architect’s website

A belveder, or viewpoint, on the new Tappan Zee Bridge, showing a diving whale sculpture, blue skies, and citizens enjoying the outdoors.

Right?  It’s beautiful.  A “belveder” — a viewpoint — along the new shared-use pathway of the new Tappan Zee Bridge. The pathway is scheduled to open in 2018, and links the bike paths of Tarrytown, New York, to the village of Nyack, on the west side of the Hudson River.


How You'll Get There

paper_boat_objectYou’ll have different ways to go, by bike, train or car.  Here are some of them:

  • Take the Metro-North (Hudson Line) from Grand Central to Tarrytown.  Follow signs to shared-use path.  If you’re bringing your bike, make sure you get a $5.00 lifetime bike pass to board the train with your bike. 
  • Ride the South County Trailway north to the Tarrytown Extension Trail.  From here, take the Tarrytown Extension Trail along the lakes, down the hill and into Tarrytown.  Follow the signs to the shared-use path and new bridge.  If you’re coming from the north, take the North County Trailway to the Tarrytown Lakes Extension path.
  • Follow the well-worn bike route up 9W on the west side of the Hudson River, by crossing the George Washington Bridge and biking north to Nyack.  Cross the bridge from Nyack.
  • Drive your car north to either parking area at the east or west terminals of the bridge.  Cross by bike or on foot.


When finished, the shared-use path will be a three-mile crossing of the widest part of the Hudson River.

  • No bathrooms or water will be availbalbe across the span, so you’ll have to plan accordingly, especially if you’re bringing small children.
  • Both “landings” will offer bathrooms and parking spaces.  The Tarrytown (east) side will also have a staffed visitor center.
  • As of now, the shared-use path will have hours when it is closed (at night).  This may change, because…
  • ….the views of a twinking Manhattan are most beautiful from the Tarrytown end of the bridge at night.

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